Art to hide the hideous!

Since before the dawn of time (well maybe just a few years) unsightly electrical / technology boxes have been a forgotten about feature around every city world wide... But Plymouth isn't just tolerating their appearance, but embracing and improving them! With some very funky designs!

(Image: Trace Jared-Davis) Union Street

We would love to find out who has been doing these amazing uplifts of the boxes.

Do you know who is the mastermind? We would love to chat with them.

The decorated boxes can be found all over the city from Union Street to Keyham.

(Image: Lee Bur) Keyham

This blue box with with daisy's is located in Keyham.

Do you have a decorated box in your street? Please send a photo to

What do you think about this new twist of art? Let us know in the comments below. Is it art? or is it fancy graffiti?

(Image: Trace Jared-Davis) Union Street

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