Mid-Week Quiz Goes PUBlic!

Actualizado: 9 de ago de 2020

We are taking the Mid-Week quiz to a LIVE audience...

Our very popular Mid-Week quiz show has been given the opportunity to host the weekly PUB quiz at The Lockdown Bar & Grill based in Southway.

(Image: Omnium Radio)

💷 Cash Prizes for the in venue winning team each game.

🏆 Gift Prizes for the in venue leader board (get to #1 to win)

The "Lockdown" Bar & Grill in Southway has undergone a massive renovation during the lockdown, hense forth the remaining of the venue.

(Images: The Lockdown Bar & Grill)

The venue now has this amazing wooden rustic look through out with lots of finishing touches still in process.

But never mind that... Look how great the men's toilets are!

(Image: Omnium Radio CIC)

That puts a whole new meaning to "this pint taste like p**s" 🤪

Now that pun is out of the way, please come and join us for our first Public quiz night on Wednesday 5th August at 7pm.

P.s. if you could bring your own pen due to COVID that would be fab.

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